Facebook buys shopping based search engine

Facebook buys shopping based search engine, has social media found the future with “Thefind”?

If most of us spend a huge amount of our daily lives on Facebook, would it come as a surprise that it’s also in production of becoming the number one search engine? The top position for ecommerce greatness may very well be in the works for Facebook, especially after the notification of where the company stands, made earlier this month. It’s no surprise at all, after Facebook buys and discovered a search engine that was dedicated with a consistent number of users who are targeted at shoppers, “TheFind”. So if ad placement could influence most Facebook users wouldn’t it make sense to invest in Facebook users who shop? Just like other various shopping based search engines, like our friends at “Amazon” for instance, the site remembers your past purchases and encourages similar products. In the upcoming weeks, Facebook plans to release the search engine. Instead of being two individual companies, TheFind’s staff will work on Facebook’s database to create and alter its ads altogether. Thefind has roughly 15 million users while Facebook has around a billion, from that perspective, joining forces was marketing gold.

TheFind CEO Siva Kumar also has stated that due to the large platform and resources of Facebook, the staff can scale their expertise in product sourcing to that 1 billion people that use the platform. Since Facebook is exposed to around a billion people that makes them the perfect advocates for advertising. And if given the opportunity to add features that websites like Amazon use; such as one click purchases, it would grow instantly in success and online shopping in general. Watch out Google, Facebook is on the way. Even if Facebook doesn’t charge its users, they are still making their money. Ecommerce is more than evident for the interest of Facebook especially after they partnered up with Stripe. Facebook has a lot to gain as well, by joining forces with Thefind. Large data feeds being injected into their database from small companies for one. Giving access to shop on your mobile and browse Facebook at the same time gives you that gratification, all the while saving you time. Facebook itself has positioned itself, to only grow more and more to be the most innovative vision for what a comparison shopping company should be. In the future we shall see the techniques for ecommerce and mobile commerce rapidly increase via Facebook.

Since buying “Thefind”, Facebook will be able to launch a search engine for shoppers, as well as the competence to make transactions for payments all from the comfort of your mobile phone. The more features Facebook adds the more advancements for the future. And this idea is worth some “likes”.

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