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MAK Digital has partnered with Brightpearl! Brightpearl is the industry-leading operating system for retailers – and it’s the only one you’ll need to streamline, simplify and automate your whole business, including inventory management, order management, warehousing, fulfillment, shipping, purchasing, accounting, retail BI and more.

Built-for-retail features that tick every box

Brightpearl will help you save time, make data-driven decisions and achieve your goals.

Free Your Business to Grow Fearlessly

As a modern retail business, you need the functionality to keep up with ever-evolving consumer expectations. We offer a wide range of purpose-built Plug & Play integrations, a thriving partner ecosystem that builds and installs any non-standard integrations in 6 weeks on average and deep, open API to connect to any tools you need.

Brightpearl Analytics provides superior e-commerce analytics and business intelligence on your sales channels, products, customers, suppliers and even your marketing campaigns.

We provide expert-led, fast implementation which has a 97% success rate, followed by intuitive onboarding training. Plus, once your business is live on Brightpearl, we offer 24/7 support and regular consulting to speed up your growth.