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MAK Digital has partnered with B2BNinja to bring our BigCommerce clients their amazing B2B quoting solution! B2B Ninja fully integrates within BigCommerce to help you turn your quoting process into a competitive advantage.

B2B Ninja Quote Process Solutions

Fully integrated eCommerce solutions for brands.

B2BNinja Technology

The Future of Quoting

B2B Ninja was built from the ground up to work with BigCommerce. Customers can submit quotes of any size directly from your storefront. No need to manually import or update your product information. ShipperHQ and Avalara supported so you can easily calculate tax and shipping.

Sales reps can easily convert a quote to an order with the click of a button. Eliminates wasteful double data entry. Quotes can include a link to purchase, making the checkout easy. Saves time for both your customers and sales staff.

Manage Quotes From Our Easy-to-Use Dashboard. Beautiful HTML quotes with a PDF copy get sent to your customers quickly. Download or print your quote as a PDF for easy record-keeping. Store and send custom email attachments with your quotes.

Interested in B2B Ninja Quoting Solutions?

B2B Ninja is designed to empower businesses with a seamless quoting experience, fully integrated with BigCommerce. Customers can submit quotes of any size directly from your storefront, without the hassle of manually updating product information. With built-in support for ShipperHQ and Avalara, tax and shipping calculations are simplified. Sales representatives can easily convert quotes into orders with just a click, eliminating redundant data entry. Quotes can include direct purchase links, streamlining the checkout process and saving time for both customers and sales staff. B2B Ninja offers an intuitive dashboard for managing quotes. Beautiful HTML quotes, complete with PDF copies, are sent to customers quickly. You can also download or print quotes for record-keeping and attach custom emails with your quotes. Partner with MAKDigital to fully leverage B2B Ninja’s capabilities and optimize your quoting process. Our expertise ensures a smooth integration, helping you enhance efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and drive business growth.

Ask away, we're here to help!

MAKDigital is an award-winning agency dedicated to revolutionizing the quoting process. We leverage B2B Ninja's innovative technology to create seamless and efficient quoting experiences for our clients. Our team of expert developers and digital strategists deep into B2B Ninja's capabilities, continually seeking new ways to enhance user engagement and streamline sales processes. This commitment to innovation has established us as a leader in B2B Ninja implementation. Partner with MAKDigital to unlock the full potential of B2B Ninja and transform your quoting experience.

  • What is B2B Ninja?

    B2B Ninja (formerly Quote Ninja) is a game-changer for BigCommerce stores, specifically designed for B2B transactions. It empowers your customers to easily request quotes on products or entire carts, directly from your storefront, streamlining the quoting process for everyone.

  • How Does B2B Ninja Benefit My Business?

    B2B Ninja offers a win-win situation for both you and your B2B customers. It simplifies and speeds up quote requests for buyers, while enabling your sales team to manage and process quotes efficiently from a central dashboard. This fosters improved communication throughout the process, and allows for customization of quotes with discounts, payment terms, and specific product configurations, ultimately leading to increased sales opportunities.

  • How Does B2B Ninja Integrate with BigCommerce?

    B2B Ninja seamlessly integrates with your BigCommerce store, creating a smooth user experience. Quote requests flow directly into your B2B Ninja dashboard, while customers can easily transition from browsing to requesting quotes.

  • Do I Need Coding Expertise for B2B Ninja?

    No coding knowledge is required for most of B2B Ninja's functionalities. It's designed for user-friendliness, with core features readily accessible. While some customization options might benefit from coding expertise, it's not a barrier to entry.

  • What Support Does MAKDigital Offer for B2B Ninja?

    As a B2B Ninja partner, MAKDigital provides comprehensive support for your implementation. From setting up B2B Ninja to configuring quote templates and user profiles, we'll guide you through the process. Additionally, we offer training for your team and can integrate B2B Ninja with your existing CRM system (if applicable).

  • Are There Additional Costs for B2B Ninja?

    Yes, B2B Ninja offers different pricing plans depending on your needs. You can find more information on the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

  • Is B2B Ninja Secure?

    Security is a top priority for B2B Ninja. They utilize industry-standard practices to safeguard your data, combined with BigCommerce's robust security measures.

  • How Do I Get Started with B2B Ninja and MAKDigital?

    Absolutely. Algolia prioritizes security and offers a robust set of features to keep your data protected. Contact MAKDigital today! We'll answer your questions about B2B Ninja and help you streamline your B2B quoting process.

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