6 Ways SEO Experts Are Using ChatGPT

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Aha! We are currently living in the future that sci-fi movies and books warned us about because AI is finally here to take our jobs and enslave humanity. Oh, that’s just ChatGPT helping college students to score undeserved A’s in their exams. Everywhere you turn online or offline, there is an ongoing debate about ChatGPT. It’s the new trending topic sustaining small talks in San Fransisco and among techies and wannabe techies around the globe. While it might seem like the umpteenth newsflash about how AI will take over the world, SEO professionals are learning ways to use it to their advantage. Before it becomes self-conscious and assembles a team of AI characters to fulfill dark sci-fi prophecies, let’s discuss six ways SEO experts are using ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT

For those who didn’t succumb to the pressure to google or visit the ChatGPT website, here is a brief introduction of what it is. Chat-based generative pre-trained transformer (ChatGPT) is an openAI chatbot launched in November 2022 and modeled after the architectural structure of GPT-3, one of the language prediction models in the GPT-n series. ChatGPT is a learning tool that interacts with users like in human conversations using artificial intelligence and data. It can answer questions, follow up, acknowledge errors, reject inappropriate queries, and attempt to invalidate unsound arguments.

ChatGPT is commonly used to write essays, poems, stories, and other text-based content. Although it’s not the first AI tool with this functionality, ChatGPT is the best available. It can write essays like a professional content writer with almost no errors. But that’s not the only way to use ChatGPT. In fact, top SEO experts are not using it to write blog articles, and we will find out why in the next section of this article.

6 Ways To Use ChatGPT For SEO

For Content Creation

We’ve established that you can use ChatGPT to write content, but unfortunately for people who want to rely entirely on it for their content creation, Google sees AI-generated content as spam. What a relief for all content writers all over the world, right? Google algorithms can still detect and will flag any content created by AI, even if you try to cover up with anti-detection tools. Using ChatGPT to write your web pages or articles for your blog is a violation.

However, social media platforms don’t have any strict rules against AI-generated content. Meaning you can use ChatGPT to write content for your social media pages. You can also write email pitches, PPC copies, and other types of ad copies with ChatGPT. SEO experts find this functionality useful because it helps with the repetitive labor of writing ad variations. Avoid making the mistake of trusting AI to write content with zero errors. You don’t want to launch an ad campaign targeting humans using poorly written ad text with poor grammar or incoherent context.

Keyword Research and Analysis

ChatGPT is a big-time rival for Google when it comes to keyword research, and it’s also free to use on its website. Since it engages users in a conversational style rather than providing numbers and data for the user to interpret, ChatGPT is easier to use than Google for keyword research. Go to the website, type in a possible target keyword, and ask it to list related or similar keywords. ChatGPT will provide a list of related keywords to the one you submitted.

Take it a step further and ask it to tell you about the competition level for each keyword in the list. ChatGPT will reply with detailed paragraphs explaining the competition level of the keywords. Using ChatGPT, your keyword research and analysis will be done in less than 10 minutes.

Content Marketing Strategy

Although SEO experts probably won’t use ChatGPT to develop content strategies, you might be interested in using it to create a content marketing strategy for your brand. As a small business or a budding entrepreneur with no content strategist on your team, you can use ChatGPT to develop a simple content strategy. Go to the chatbot and ask it to create a content strategy for your niche. For example, you can ask for a content marketing strategy for an apparel knitting business if you run an apparel knitting brand.

Keep in mind that using ChatGPT for content strategy has two downsides. The content strategy won’t be in-depth, and ChatGPT will generate similar content strategies for other brands in the same niche.

A Better Understanding of Search Intent using ChatGPT

Another advantage ChatGPT has over Google for SEO is its ability to understand search intent better than Google. While Google attempts to answer the user’s search query, ChatGPT attempts to improve it. ChatGPT’s learning ability allows it to break down search queries, finding all possible intents searchers have in mind. Even up to a point where it can discover intents the user didn’t think of when submitting a search query. As a result, ChatGPT can answer search queries with information addressing obvious search intents and provide information the searcher didn’t think about, but somehow also address their search queries.

Hence, SEO experts can use ChatGPT to create better content, from the title to the content body, meta descriptions, and keywords, in order to target their audience better.

For Generating Rich SEO Titles

Regardless of your years of experience and skill as a content writer, you will surely have days when title creation is challenging. And those days happen too often. The good news is that you can use AI bots to generate multiple rich SEO titles on any topic using relevant keywords. Since we’re still on the topic of keywords, you can also use it to write SEO-rich meta descriptions.

For Analytics Reports

As an SEO expert, a content marketer, or a small business owner, data might not be your forte, and we don’t blame you for that. But you can’t achieve good marketing results without collecting data and a robust understanding of what the data means. You need to use the insights from data to understand and reach your target audience and develop marketing strategies to grow your brand.

Instead of struggling with Google Sheets and Excel, use ChatGPT.

Bottom Line

Although AI chat bots are new tools, it promises to impact the eCommerce industry, and we can’t wait to see how much improvement it will get in the coming years.

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