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BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign

JMAC Supply Corp is a leading eCommerce business with a focus on personal safety and security parts and accessories. Having been involved in the eCommerce space for over 10 years JMAC was familiar with the industry and what it takes to be successful. MAK Digital helped set up JMAC on Volusion a few years ago and since then have watched JMAC continue to grow. In March 2022 JMAC rehired MAK Digital to help migrate their site to a new eCommerce platform and redesign the site helping bring them into a new era of JMAC eCommerce.

JMAC Supply Corp - BigCommerce Design and Development
JMAC Supply Corp - BigCommerce Design
BigCommerce Expert Design Service
Project Details

The project consisted of three main parts starting with migrating all of JMAC’s data from Volusion to BigCommerce. While the data migration was being completed the teams set off to redesign the JMAC site. As we mentioned before JMAC has been involved with eCommerce for years, this was not their first rodeo and they knew exactly what they wanted with their redesign. Finally, the MAK teams coordinated to ensure the site is responsive and just as beautiful on mobile as it is on desktop. Final SEO touches were made to help secure JMAC’s position as a leading security and safety provider.

The project took 2 years 10 months to complete, lasting from March 2020, until January 2023.


  • BigCommerce Stencil
  • DoFinder for Search capabilities
  • Shopper Approved Reviews
  • Shipper HQ
  • LiveChat by LiveChat
  • Userway Accessibility

Custom Programming:

  • Complex Data Migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
  • Custom Mega Navigation
  • Custom Category page with multiple views/category page templates
  • Custom Product page with multiple views/product page templates
  • Custom Brands Page and custom logic to accommodate data migration with previously used categories pages as brands pages.
  • Custom React mobile navigation component


JMAC immediately recognized the layout of their old site was counterproductive (inefficient, too many clicks to reach a desired product/brand) and required new navigation. With a nav bar at the top that now lists their main categories for consumers to browse this frees up their homepage content. Normally we would add featured products and specific deals to help entice shoppers but JMAC was uber-aware of their customer base. JMAC knew a majority of their shoppers came to them based on the specific popular brands and products they offered, so their homepage was built entirely around that information.

Shoppers of JMAC will now find themselves cruising through the site at speeds the old site never would have seen. Remapping the layout of the site allows shoppers to have a less convoluted experience, they’ll experience a lesser amount of work (clicks and searching) to find their desired products or brands at much faster speeds. The new BigCommerce version of is prepared to help take them to another 10 years of increased growth.

JMAC Supply Corp - BigCommerce Design and Development



JMAC Supply Corp Old Website


JMAC Supply Corp new website

Category Page


JMAC Supply Corp - BigCommerce Design and Development


JMAC Supply Corp - BigCommerce Design and Development

Product Page


JMAC Supply Corp bigcommerce development


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