7 Easy Tips To Create Beautiful Videos For Your E-commerce Business

create product videos

The e-commerce industry is highly competitive and so maintaining relevance online requires thinking out of the box. Sometimes, thinking outside the box doesn’t require you to do special things to maintain relevance online, you just need to do simple things in a creative way. One of such simple things is creating videos for your e-commerce business to upload on your website, social media and video channel.
Video is a great piece of content, a lot of people enjoy watching videos. Creating videos for an e-commerce business is an automatic way to attract new customers and to keep intriguing old ones. Videos will make your e-commerce website and social media more interesting while at the same time engaging your customer base. It is a good way to market your product and service(s), given that people usually share videos if they like them. The only challenge that often makes the effort worthless is that many e-commerce business owners don’t know how to create great videos – the videos often lack quality and creativity. Hence, this article is going to focus on the quality aspect of creating better videos for your e-commerce business. These 7 tips highlighted below will help you create better videos for your business.

Choose Your Primary Equipment

Making videos for eCommerce business doesn’t require much, even a compact point and shoot camera can get you your desired results. You can use a professional camera if you already have one. If you don’t have one already but you want a good professional camera that is within your budget, we recommend Canon Rebel T7.
Quite frankly, you don’t need to budget for a camera, thanks to smartphones. A good Android phone or iPhone camera can shoot a good quality video if you know how to use the phone camera well.

Use A Tripod

Shooting product or service video or any other type of video for your e-commerce business requires care and attention to details. A tripod offers stabilization which makes your video more visually appealing to viewers. It will make your video smooth and that will make it appear more professional – I doubt there’s anyone who prefers watching a shaky video to a smooth one. Therefore, whether you’re shooting with a phone or a camera, we strongly recommend that you get a tripod or a Steadicam at the least.

Use A Microphone

We mentioned that creating e-commerce videos requires care and attention to details, using a microphone will help you achieve that. Imagine you’re watching the product video of a product you are interested in buying on the e-commerce website selling it but you are straining your ears to hear what the video is saying about the product. You will most likely be discouraged from buying it. This is how your potential buyers will feel if they hear background noise in your video. A video with poor audio will definitely get more people irritated than impressed.
Using a microphone when shooting will cancel out background noise and as a result, will provide quality audio for your video. So, it is important that you get a microphone when shooting videos for your business. You can use Z Zaffiro Lavalier Lapel Microphone – it is compatible with both phone and camera.

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