Congratulations to our developer Dylan Adams!

BigCommerce Developer Dylan

We are very excited and proud to announce one of our BigCommerce developer’s, Dylan Adams has successfully completed BigCommerce Big Dev Boot Camp! We are extremely proud of Dylan for committing and learning an entire platform he was not familiar with; he was aware of the challenges faced ahead and he tackled them head on with a smile every day! We are excited to see what Dylan will accomplish next, this is only the start! Dylan took a moment to review his time so far with MAK and has a few things he would like to share with everyone!

For me, learning BigCommerce was a big step in my development career and one that was important to my company. When I first started here at MAK Digital Design, I was constantly asking small questions about where things were in BigCommerce, and how things were done. I came into this position having never have used BigCommerce so it was intimidating at first. Taking this bootcamp helped ease my nerves and made me much more confident. After completion, I now have all those questions answered and the skills to figure things out on my own. Furthering my knowledge of ecommerce development is crucial to me so I can continue to grow my development skills and be the great asset to my team. The more I know, the more I can help the team grow. This course was organized in a way so that you have ample time to learn, ask questions and review the entire curriculum. This was very important to me because I feel like learning so much in a short period of time can be overwhelming at times. Completing this course was a huge accomplishment for me and I look forward to continuing to learn more and enhance my skills!

BigCommerce Certified developer

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