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Project Inception
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In March of 2022 Ukraine attacked by Russia, in an attempt to seize control of the country. The world watched as the horrors of war were displayed on an unprecedented scale. Millions of innocent lives being lost and put in jeopardy for seemingly little to no reason. History has shown us what happens when the actions of evil individuals are left neglected, that evil will fester and grow. It is this reason that MAK Digital has decided to start the Threads for Charity project!

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Project Details

Not being able to uproot their lives and go around the world to help the Ukrainians fight MAK Digital decided to help through the means they know best, Ecommerce. Threads for Charity will be a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those in need around the world. The organization will secure funding to donate to charitable causes through crowdfunding sales of t-shirts and other apparel items. This will be an ongoing project with new causes chosen periodically.

Project Design

The creation of the site and first batch of products were all done by the talented teams at MAK Digital. When designing the products, it was important to keep in mind pop-culture references from the war. The site was designed with the idea that it will house multiple causes at once and should not overly represent one more so than another. At the time of inception only one cause is chosen so this is the exception. The first logo being used was designed using elements from Ukraine, slight elements of the logo will change with each cause supported.

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