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BigCommerce Store Migration & Redesign

Pro Audio LA are some of the best Audio engineers and experts found online. Their entire focus is to help the everyday person “Make Better Music”, whether that is focused on system design and integration, workflow optimization or engineering advice they’re prepared to help. Having been involved in the eCommerce space for a number of years Pro Audio LA recognized their previous eCommerce platform had been holding them back from meaningful growth. They approached MAK Digital to help migrate them to a more robust platform that would allow them greater control over their content management. After some time to deliberate Pro Audio LA concluded BigCommerce would suit their needs best for continued growth.

Pro Audio LA - BigCommerce Design and Development
Pro Audio LA - BigCommerce Design
BigCommerce Expert Design Service
Project Details

The project consisted of three main parts, first being migrating all Pro Audio LA’s data from Volusion to BigCommerce. While the data migration was underway Pro Audio LA expressed their desire to have greater control over content, to help accommodate this request MAK design teams went to work! Finally, confirming all on-page SEO is effective and the site is responsive across all digital media mediums!

The project took 1 year to complete lasting from January 2022 until January 2023.


  • BigCommerce Stencil
  • Searchanise for search capabilities
  • Reviews
  • ShipperHQ
  • Ship Station
  • Rewind Data Backups
  • Space 48 Meta Fields
  • Couldinary
  • Bolt Payments

Custom Programming:

  • Complex Data migration from Volusion to BigCommerce
  • Custom Mega Navigation
  • Custom Category page with multiple views/category page templates
  • Custom Product page with multiple views/product page templates
  • Custom "Brands" Page and custom logic to accommodate data migration with previously used categories pages as brand pages.
  • Custom integration of Space48 Meta Fields app to extend multiple product and category attributes
  • Custom integration with Cloudinary API for faster asset load times
  • Custom React mobile navigation component
  • Custom React Side Cart


Just like how Pro Audio LA helps curate the perfect studio environment and experience for their customers MAK had the same task with their site redesign. After mentioning their desire for greater control over content management MAK helped set up multiple custom Category, Product, and Brand page templates. Having multiple templates allows Pro Audio LA to choose the best layout for their offerings at any time and discretion.

Much of the layout of the site (navigation) was re-worked around to promote a more efficient user experience. Shoppers will now experience a unique curated journey throughout the website from landing page until checkout! Helping guide that experience was a focused redesign on adding more color and style to the website, the previous version was mostly white with little to no color or style. Online shoppers of will now have the opportunity to experience the warmth and inviting feel of their in-person location!

Pro Audio LA - BigCommerce Design and Development



Pro Audio LA Old Website


Pro Audio LA new website

Category Page


Pro Audio LA - BigCommerce Design and Development


Pro Audio LA - BigCommerce Design and Development

Product Page


Pro Audio LA bigcommerce development


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