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Shopper Approved MAK Partner

MAK Digital has partnered with Shopper Approved, a reputation management solution, in order to enable our clients to best manage their online presence! Shopper Approved assists businesses in collecting and displaying verified reviews helping boost reputation and increase SEO potential. Through the Shopper Approved channels you can help drive your company’s visibility, traffic and sales!

Shopper Approved, the better way to display

With the goal to continue to set the standard that all other review companies are measured by, so that online consumers make the best buying decisions possible. Compare Shopper Approved with their top competitors, made easy using this Comparison Guide!

Shopper Approved Product Reviews Services

Your Reviews Determine Your Success

Start the process of securing your five-star rating today when you utilize Shopper Approved solutions! When it comes to your reputation you can’t take any chances, Shopper Approved is an official Google Review Partner, giving your business the best chance at beating out the competition.

Shopper Approved will help acquire and catalogue the best reviews for your business in addition to offering customizable surveys and widgets to your customers. Seller and product ratings and reviews, video reviews all more easily displayed and collected to bring your businesses overall star rating and reputation up!

Even a troubled reviewer is no match for Shopper Approved, instantly learn about poor reviews and work with customers to resolve their issues. Shopper Approved has a proven track record of increasing companies’ key performance indicators (KPI’s), try yourself today and see the results!

Intreseted in Shopper Approved Technology?

MAKDigital is a Shopper Approved certified partner, offering both custom and out-of-the-box implementations using Shopper Approved technology. Our partnership with Shopper Approved allows us to leverage their robust review and rating platform to enhance your business's online reputation. By integrating authentic customer feedback directly into your website, we help build trust and credibility with potential customers, driving higher conversion rates and improving search engine rankings. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and optimal use of Shopper Approved’s features, providing a comprehensive solution tailored to your specific needs.

With MAKDigital, you can expect a customized approach that aligns with your unique business goals. Our team of experienced developers and digital marketing specialists work closely with you to implement Shopper Approved technology in a way that maximizes its benefits. Whether you need a standard integration or a highly customized solution, we ensure that your system is set up efficiently and effectively. Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction guarantees that your business will see tangible results, making MAKDigital the ideal partner for leveraging Shopper Approved to its fullest potential.

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Innovation is at the core of everything we do at MAKDigital. As a forward-thinking agency, we continuously invest in research and development to stay ahead of industry trends and emerging technologies. Our team is passionate about pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Shopper Approved Implementation, constantly exploring new ways to enhance the functionality and performance of our clients' online stores. This relentless pursuit of innovation has solidified our position as a leader in the Shopper Approved Implementation space and ensures that our clients receive cutting-edge solutions that drive their e-commerce success.

  • What is Shopper Approved?

    Shopper Approved is a customer rating and review platform designed to help businesses collect and display genuine customer feedback. It enhances online reputation and trust by showcasing authentic reviews from real customers.

  • How does Shopper Approved work?

    Shopper Approved works by collecting reviews through automated surveys sent to customers after a purchase or interaction. These reviews are then displayed on the business's website and across various partner networks to increase visibility and credibility.

  • Why should my business use Shopper Approved?

    Using Shopper Approved helps build trust with potential customers by showcasing genuine feedback. This increased credibility can improve search engine rankings, drive higher conversion rates, and foster long-term customer loyalty.

  • Can Shopper Approved help improve my search engine rankings?

    Yes, displaying authentic customer reviews on your website can enhance your search engine optimization (SEO). Positive reviews can improve your site's relevance and authority, leading to better rankings on search engine results pages.

  • How do I integrate Shopper Approved with my website?

    Integration typically involves adding a snippet of code to your website to display the reviews and ratings. Shopper Approved provides detailed instructions and support to ensure a smooth integration process.

  • Is the feedback collected by Shopper Approved verified?

    Yes, Shopper Approved collects feedback from verified customers who have made actual purchases or interactions with your business. This ensures the authenticity and reliability of the reviews.

  • How can Shopper Approved increase my conversion rates?

    By displaying authentic and positive customer reviews, Shopper Approved builds trust and credibility with potential customers. This increased trust can lead to higher conversion rates, as customers are more likely to purchase from a reputable and well-reviewed business.

  • How do I get started with Shopper Approved?

    Contact MAKDigital today to start setting up Shopper Approved, as we possess the expertise and knowledge of best practices to ensure seamless integration and optimal results for your business.

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