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MAK Digital has partnered with Klarna to bring our clients their Buy-Now Pay-Later payment solutions! Klarna is easily integrated into all major ecommerce platforms. Klarna allows for any customer to split any purchase into 4 interest-free payments, online or in-store. Shopping is made easier with Klarna.ill help your company Increase lifetime value & customer engagement, reduce customer churn and help you better measure your performance!

Pay in 4, on any device

Split the costs at all your favorite online stores, directly from desktop or from your phone. You decide what suits you.

Get more time to pay

Split the cost of your purchase into 4 interest-free payments, paid every 2 weeks. No interest. No catch. Just more time to pay for the things you love. Start enjoying what you’ve ordered right away. Make payments online or in the Klarna app after trying the product in real life. No interest and only pay for what you keep. Our transparent credit options offered in partnership with WebBank, member FDIC, give you flexible financing you need to seamlessly shop larger purchases.

Interested in Klarna Payment Solutions?

MAKDigital is a premier partner of Klarna, providing specialized and ready-made solutions using Klarna's innovative payment platform. Our collaboration with Klarna enables us to refine and streamline your payment processes, incorporating essential features such as payment processing, flexible financing, and fraud detection into an integrated system. By utilizing Klarna's advanced functionalities, we help enhance your operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and boost your sales.

At MAKDigital, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized approach that meets your unique business goals. Our team of highly experienced developers and digital strategists work diligently to implement Klarna technology in a manner that maximizes its potential. Whether you require a basic setup or a fully customized solution, we ensure that your integration is smooth and effective. Our unwavering dedication to quality and client satisfaction ensures that your business will reap substantial benefits, making MAKDigital the ideal partner for leveraging the full capabilities of Klarna.

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At MAKDigital, our commitment to innovation is unwavering. As a dynamic agency, we prioritize continuous research and development to keep pace with industry advancements and new technologies. Our team focuses on harnessing the full potential of Klarna implementations, always exploring new methods to enhance and streamline our clients' payment processes. This dedication to innovation has established us as a leader in Klarna integration, ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions that optimize their payment systems and drive success.

  • What is Klarna and how does it benefit my business?

    Klarna is a versatile payment solutions platform that allows customers to choose from various payment options such as pay now, pay later, and installment plans. This flexibility can increase conversion rates, boost customer satisfaction, and drive sales growth for your business.

  • How does Klarna's pay later option work?

    Klarna’s pay later option allows customers to receive their goods and pay for them within 14 or 30 days, interest-free. This option provides a convenient shopping experience and encourages higher spending.

  • Can Klarna integrate with my existing eCommerce platform?

    Yes, Klarna integrates seamlessly with a wide range of eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce Magento, and more. MAKDigital can help facilitate this integration to ensure a smooth and efficient setup.

  • How does Klarna handle fraud prevention?

    SalesWarp automates the entire order fulfillment process, from picking and packing to shipping and delivery, ensuring orders are processed quickly and accurately to meet customer expectations.

  • How does Klarna handle fraud prevention?

    Offering installment payments can make high-ticket items more accessible to customers, reduce cart abandonment, and increase average order values. Klarna’s installment plans are interest-free, making them an attractive option for shoppers.

  • How does Klarna impact cash flow for my business?

    Klarna pays merchants upfront, even when customers choose to pay later or in installments. This ensures that your cash flow remains steady and uninterrupted.

  • Is there a cost associated with using Klarna?

    Yes, there are fees associated with using Klarna, which vary depending on the payment options you offer and your sales volume. These fees are typically offset by the increased sales and customer satisfaction that Klarna provides.

  • What kind of support does MAKDigital offer for Klarna implementation?

    MAKDigital provides comprehensive support for Klarna implementation, including initial setup, integration with your existing systems, personalized training, and ongoing technical assistance to ensure you fully leverage Klarna’s features.

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