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Fast Payment Solution

MAK Digital has partnered with Fast, a 1-click checkout experience, in order to enable our clients to offer a quick and easy checkout for their customers. Fast allows your customers to skip the cart and purchase items with only one click. Once you have signed up with Fast, you will automatically be signed in, skipping the need for passwords. MAK Digital is proud to be a preferred partner for integrating Fast with our clients.

Fast.co is available in over 30 countries, supporting over 100 currencies, as well as 11 different languages. They also offer price-matching for any merchant generating more than $1M in GMV.

Fast is the quickest way to buy

Here at MAKDigitalDesign.com, partnering with like-minded technology companies is a critical foundation to our success. However, having an endless list of "partnerships" for formalities sake, without any true relationship of substance directly contradicts the entire intent of partnerships to begin with! We are very selective in who we build a partnership with, ensuring that it will be enabled for success and that their offering and values are in-line with ours; essentially we only partner with companies that we as consumers would do business with.


Luckily for us, Fast was a no-brainer! They save each merchant literally thousands of dollars and improve on ROI in the process. Being both a technology as well as the merchant services company, our customers see a great deal of benefit in one place.


We are looking forward to a long term, mutually beneficial relationship for many years to come.

It's about helping your customers make a decision

Customers interact with your store and Fast's 1-click checkout experience differently than a traditional checkout. At Fast, they work to address the needs of your business and help you increase revenue by learning as much as possible about consumer behavior.

With the information they have gathered, they can better understand what drives customers to leave at checkout without completing a purchase. With the addition of a 1-click checkout, your customers won't have to go through the process of adding a product to their cart, navigating to said cart, and then filling out information before finishing their purchase.

Your customers can manage all of their Fast transactions in a single place. Track shipments, return items, and reorder items in just one click. Many of Fast.co customers see their conversion rates double, as well as the average order value go up. If you would like to see what Fast can do for you, here are some of their case studies showing just how much revenue you can be missing out on.

If you're interested in adding Fast to your website, reach out to us to learn more.

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