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MAK Digital has partnered with Fast Simon, Fast Simon brings integrated AI conversion optimization to automate manual work and replace expensive, complicated, long implementations by point vendors.Designed from the ground up for automation & self-service, Fast Simon delivers AI-Search, Collection filters, Merchandising, Personalization, Similar Styles, and Complete-the-Look to increase merchants’ conversion rate and AOV.

Fast Simon, Delight Shoppers. Increase Conversion. Boost AOV.

Optimize search, merchandising, personalization, smart collections and visual discovery.

AI-Powered eCommerce Search & Merchandising Solutions

Our integrated platform not only replaces point solutions, but also delivers a superior experience due to the number of data streams fed into its AI engine. Fast Simon uses shopper behavior signals, store signals, and merchant policies to deliver personalized search, collections, upsell, cross-sell, ad-platforms, data feeds, and campaigns.

With our app seamlessly integrated into Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce, Fast Simon powers experiences for more than 600 million shoppers each month across thousands of brands.