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4-Tell is an innovator in digital commerce technology that provides personalization and data analytics solutions to help B2B & B2C retailers build long-term relationships with customers.

Beyond ecommerce site personalization, 4-Tell empowers customer-facing teams - sales, customer support, and even the online self-service portal. Using our Smart Commerce Platform, teams are able to identify, learn, and engage customers building customer LTV and growing revenue.

Shoppers will reward you by purchasing more. We guarantee it, literally.

With 2 billion recommendations served monthly for over 250 merchants, we know what will sell for you. We give you the ability to put the right product in front of your shoppers, at exactly the right time across all channels.

The only personalization platform built for your entire organization.

From marketing to merchandising to sales, 4-Tell gives every team the tools, insights, and predictive analytics needed to build exceptional customer experiences across all channels.

  • 4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform
  • Your Store Personalized Microsite
  • Product & Content Recommendations
  • Personalized Inline & Faceted Search
4TELL Recommendations
Dynamic Personalization

4-tell Search Partner

4-Tell's "Your Store" resides on your ecommerce site, providing customers with real-time product and content recommendations based on their unique shopping behavior. Through "Your Store," salespeople, call center agents, customer service reps and ecommerce teams are able to start a conversation with customers through personalized product boards.

Why Choose 4-Tell?

4-Tell is a full-stack omnichannel personalization solution. From in-store to online, they offer the capabilities, automation and insights that every team across your organization needs to power 1:1 personalized customer experiences.

On average businesses that use 4-Tell’s personalization solutions see:
  • 5x increase in time-on-site
  • 5x increase in product views
  • 4x increase in conversion rate
  • 15% increase in sales
increase conversion with 4-tell

Did You Know?

4-Tell integrates with ANY ecommerce platforms and is easy to install on your site.

increase conversion

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform

4-Tell’s Smart Commerce Platform uses machine learning technology to unify omnichannel sales and shopping behavior data into comprehensive customer profiles and actionable insights.