Headless Commerce for BigCommerce Merchants

We’ve partnered up with eCommere platform Shogun to bring a simplified headless experience to BigCommerce clients - at a fraction of what it would cost before.

Simplified Headless

Pre-built to the rescue

Up until recently, it wasn’t possible to easily scale or optimize for site speed with a dedicated frontend for BigCommerce. Previously, to go headless, clients would need to custom-build an API sync between the front and backend—a job unbelievably complex and expensive due to the vast amount of data points that need connecting. Now though, with the help of pre-built integrations, it's possible to simply swap in a new frontend.


Get your site moving wicked fast

The average load time we see for the first page is ~2s, with subsequent page load time under 1s - near instant. This is due to advances in site caching and theme structure. The experience is similar to browsing on an offline app on your phone.


Suabstantially increase revenue per user

As an online business owner, you know inherently that speed equals sales. The quicker a customer can find a product, add it to their cart, and get to checkout, the more likely they are to complete the sale. Satisfied customers are repeat customers.

Client Showcase

Explore our headless builds

Check out some of the existing headless site’s we’ve built

The Result

Strength in numbers

See how well our client’s sites have improved overall since moving to headless

Discount Electronics
Shogun Build

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate
increased by over 40%

Revenue Per User

User revenue
increased by over 36%

First Contentful Paint
1.2 sec

First paint is as fast as
1.2 seconds

ICE Cobotics
Shogun Build

Page Views

Page views increased
by over 110%


Sessions increased by
over 13%

Avg. Page Load Time

Average page load time
decreased by over 6%

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate decreased
by almost 25%

The Verdict

Our clients have no regrets

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Let's get started!

Let's get started!