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MAK Digital has been helping our friends within the cannabis industry grow and improve their ecommerce footprint dating back to 2011. Here at MAK you’ll find proud Americans who support your right to cultivate and sell THC and CBD based products online.

We understand each state is different and we are prepared to help you through it.

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Are you looking to start an ecommerce website for THC or CBD sales?

Currently the United States deals with THC and CBD sales on a state-to-state basis leaving you the merchant, left to figure out what is right from wrong. Luckily for you, MAK Digital is familiar with the cannabis industries online restrictions and barriers, and we are prepared to help you sell more. Regardless of what you specifically sell, if you are in the cannabis industry you will likely run into challenges with federal and state restrictions, as well as demonization from 3rd party technology products and services. If this is you, there may be substantial benefits to aligning with a qualified Ecommerce agency that understands and supports companies in the cannabis industry.

The Global Cannabis Industry is growing, along with the need for online marketing services.

As the United States grows ever closer to legalizing marijuana, the more states that legalize for recreational use, leads to a massive increase in online traffic. People want the relevant information, where to buy, when they can, how much, can they order online, and so much more! MAK understands what it takes to rank your site high on search engine result pages, you should be the first source people go to when looking to get involved in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis and stores that sell related products are under attack.

Despite the fact that the cannabis infustry is thriving and with increasing demand from customers who are taking their cannabis purchases online more than ever before, the cannabis industry remains under constant attack from the federal government, states, political activists, and even technology partners.

This brings a unique set of challenges to cannabis stores that sell online, which include the following:

Cannabis stores are forced to comply with very strict laws and regulations around the products they sell.

Federal, state and local laws inject a level of complexity that will often deter cannabis store owners from taking their business online. Those that sell cannabis products are burdended with the task of ensuring that the product is shipped to legitimate customers, and any cannabis store that sells online will need to adhere to laws specific to the state their product is being purchased from.

This adds a deep level of complexity to the way an online cannabis store website will need to function, which results in either a ton of manual process to properly conduct business, or a lot of development customization to accommodate; both burden which fall to the owner.

This also greatly restricts the choice of Ecommerce platform that an online cannabis merchant has, which is already a very tiny landscape. The only viable choices that remain are typically, BigCommerce, Magento, or WordPress with WooCommerce, although the latter option is not really viable for legitimate online cannabis dispensaries.

The technology industry, particularly as it pertains to online commerce, has been left-leaning since it’s dawn. Normally, this would just be an observed characteristic, since business is business; however in today’s climate this has translated into the technology industry as a whole adopting particular business strategies to be in-line with the trending political climate.

The cannabis industry while gaining popularity is still vilified in some online ecommerce communities. When platforms don’t allow the sale or advertising of CBD and THC products, this forces the industry into a smaller amount of marketing channels available. This dramatically reduces the pool of talent that cannabis industry stores can leverage for website design, marketing, website development, SEO, strategy, and other website-related services.

Paris Cannabis Co.

MAK Digital’s client Paris Cannabis Co. offers a unique selection of CBD and THC products. MAK helped Paris Cannabis Co. create and launch their first ecommerce site, featured on the BigCommerce platform!

Paris Pre-Rolls
Paris OG
Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar

Wellness Shops need an agency like MAK Digital to help with web design for their ecommerce website.

MAK Digital is a full-service marketing, web design and development agency that assists CBD and THC merchants sell online, design and develop their store, improve their brand, increase sales and conversions, optimize SEO, and just flat-out grow their online channels.

MAK Knows Cannabis

But don’t just take our word for it.

We are extremely excited for the launch of our newly improved website! The new capabilities should do wonders to help our online and in-person traffic! We are hopeful for the future and excited for the probability of expansion as the legal THC industry grows! MAK Digital was an incredible partner to work with constantly available to assist us through these changes, we have no idea where we would be right now if we hadn’t worked together.

Olga Vinogray(Director of Sales, Paris Cannabis Co.)

CBD and THC merchants need to put in exponential effort to counterbalance online restrictions.

With everything detailed above, merchants in the cannabis industry need to put in exponential effort to reach even a portion of the customers that merchants in mainstream industries are able to. You have access to less software, less channels of advertising, more regulatory hoops to jump through, and are fighting the state and federal governments with every step you take. Maximize that which you can do with an agency like MAK! Here is a very brief snapshot of some things MAK can help you achieve:

Best of breed experience

  • Eye-catching marketing emails to save the sale and drive more customers to the site
  • Lightning fast page load speeds
  • Responsive website that is truly optimized for every device
  • Back-end systems that streamline fulfillment, customer service, and more
  • Tightly integrated best-of-breed solutions that operate as a singular, well-oiled machine
  • Custom features & functionality that offers a catered experience to your specific customers, for your specific business and industry
  • Data-driven decisions based on thorough testing, testing, and more testing. Running multiple A/B tests at any given time to maximize efficiciency and ROI on any improvements made

Modern site design UI / UX

  • Follows all current data-driven best practices
  • Customized experience based on your customer personas and how they shop and buy products you sell
  • Stunning lifestyle and product photography that captures the brand and relates to your customer personas
  • Next-level materials, including videos, that provide visitors with useful, engaging information and proper guidance throughout the shopping and buying process
  • A clearly defined brand that inspires people to engage, participate, and purchase, and is known and respected among your verticals

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About MAK Digital

MAK is a family-owned, family-operated digital agency headquarted in a rural area of South Jersey. We’ve been in business since 2014, serving clients in a multitude of different verticals with everything from strategy, design, marketing, development, and more. Being located in New Jersey gives us a first-hand view of the issues that arise from overbearing and restrictive gun laws, and all of the problems that brings. MAK takes a libertarian approach to business, which means our personal or political views do not, in any way, influence how we conduct business.