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When it comes to selling online, there is no solution applicable to every business. In order to succeed in online sales, you need a customized experience tailored directly for you, and your target audience. Here at MAKDigital we specialize in giving you custom solutions specific to your needs, and helping you grow in the online space.

This is exactly why we have decided to partner with Bold Commerce, a Big Commerce-compatible solution aimed toward giving businesses the ability to give their customers a customized checkout experience. Thanks to our partnership with Bold Commerce, we are able to help your business deliver a unique and easy checkout experience, and by doing so, increasing your revenue.

So, what is Bold Commerce? How will Bold benefit you and your business, and what does MAKDigital’s partnership with Bold mean for you?

What is Bold Commerce?

Simply put, Bold Commerce is a unique, custom-fit, checkout experience. What exactly does that mean? Bold provides customization for the experience your customers have at checkout, while also providing you with opportunities to scale your business by offering subscription-based services.

When it comes to your online store, and your checkout experience, you want everything to flow together smoothly, and in a way that represents your brand while giving your customer a coherent shopping experience. The customizations Bold gives you an opportunity to add include plug-ins, and API’s directly meant to meet the needs of your company and your customers.

On top of supporting 19 different forms of payment, Bold Commerce also supports over 150 currencies appropriate to their respective regions. Rates are converted in real time, and no additional fees are applied for said conversions. You also have the choice between single or multi-page layouts.

You may also choose when payment is taken from your customers. Whether you would like to charge the customer at the initial purchase, or upon fulfilment of the order, the choice is yours. The option to securely store payment information for multiple cards linked to an account is also an option you may implement at checkout. And of course, you will have the ability to support subscription-based payments, giving your business the ability to gain long term customers, and earn consistent revenue.

Bold’s convenient subscription management tools help ensure that your customers are satisfied with consistent product, as well as maximizing their long-term value for your business. If you are interested in turning regular customers into subscribers, Bold Commerce is undoubtedly the best platform to use to reach that goal.

MAKDigital’s Partnership with Bold Commerce

Here at MAKDigital, our award-winning team is committed to you and your business. By providing expert level design and development, as well as superb customization, we help give your customers the best experience possible. As a Bold Commerce Partner, we help you make the most out of this amazing checkout and subscription management solution.

Everything begins with integrating Bold Commerce with your E-Commerce store, making sure that everything is customized with the features that are best suited for your customers and your business. Taking both technicality and creativity into account, we will make sure that Bold is tailored to your exact needs, and give your customers a coherent and convenient experience when shopping on your store.

bigcommerce and bold commerce

Bold Commerce for BigCommerce

Is your website already running on BigCommerce? If so, then you already know the benefits of their customizable and automated solutions. Bold Commerce offers even more customization options to make your business your own.

We already know that Bold provides a seamless, brand specific, checkout experience for your customers. You will also be able to integrate Bold Upsell, which is checkout app associated with Bold Commerce that allows your customers to add recommended items to their order at checkout with only one click.

Reoccurring revenue with subscription-based services is one of the best practices that you should be adding to your online store in the modern era. Many businesses have already started utilizing subscription-based services, and Bold Commerce is the best way to begin implementing these services on your BigCommerce Platform. With Bold Subscriptions Pro, you will be able to scale your custom subscription setup, and conveniently implement customer portals for your subscribers.

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If you are interested in learning more about Bold Commerce, or if you are ready to add Bold to your E-Commerce site, contact us at +1(888)553-8776, or online today.