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We are excited to announce that MAKDigital has partnered with Rally Checkout, a one-page checkout solution integrated with the BigCommerce ecommerce platform. This integration provides our clients with a powerful tool to improve their ecommerce checkout process and increase conversions. With Rally Checkout, our clients can create customizable checkout pages that match their brand's look and feel, while also providing customers with a variety of payment options including credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. The solution also provides advanced security features to protect customer data and prevent fraud, as well as analytics and reporting on customer behavior to help our clients make data-driven decisions. We believe that this partnership with Rally Checkout is a positive step towards helping our clients optimize their ecommerce checkout process and achieve their business goals.

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Provide your shoppers with a beautiful, one-click checkout experience. Rally Pay ensures shoppers throughout the network can buy with one-click, across all platforms and processors.

Make personalized offers at the perfect time - immediately after the checkout. Our team pioneered the technique for DTC brands, driving over $300m in post-purchase revenue.

Rally allows you to pick and choose the frontend and backend services that are right for your business. Whether on a traditional platform, or completely headless, it's up to you.