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BigCommerce Store Design & Development
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Paris Cannabis, established in 2006 by cultivating and selling a single strain of marijuana Paris Cannabis has reached a new high. Now selling multiple strains, with more being developed, Paris Cannabis has more products and inventory than they ever imagined. With business consistently rising over the years Paris realized it was time for an updated Ecommerce website that would suit their needs. Once the BigCommerce platform was chosen as the new host for Paris it was time for MAK Digital to get to work.

Paris Cannabis Co. - BigCommerce Design and Development
Paris Cannabis Co. - BigCommerce Design
BigCommerce Expert Design Service
Project Details

Paris Cannabis’s old website was outdated living in the twentieth century, unable to keep up with competition a change was necessary. A change was made that Paris would switch from WordPress to the BigCommerce platform, allowing Paris more robust customization and greater freedoms to customize their store to their specifics. The project included a data migration from WordPress to BigCommerce, a custom built theme on BigCommerce using Stencil technology, and a redesign of the sites Home, Category and Product pages.

    Custom Programming:
  • Custom age verification component
  • Custom side cart React component
  • Custom Menu navigation React component
  • Custom location selection showing inventory for two different locations
  • API integration with LeafLink to display Menu for the wholesale brands
  • Google Maps API for locations selection

  • BigCommerce Stencil with Graph QL and React components
  • Searchanise
  • LeafLink API
  • Google Maps
  • Deal Tracker App


The redesign of the website was focused on giving the Paris brand their own style. As a top manufacturer and distributer in the California area the site should feel the same and now it will. The homepage now promotes featured products and brands to draw in customers. Also shown on the homepage will be time-sensitive deals for their in-person locations! For those who want product in-store you will be able to order online and schedule a pick-up time!

Paris Cannabis - BigCommerce Design and Development

Paris Cannabis Co.


Paris Cannabis - BigCommerce Design and Development

Category Page

Paris Cannabis - BigCommerce Design and Development

Product Page

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