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BigCommerce SEO

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Increase your organic website’s rankings with our SEO strategy

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing organic website’s rankings on search engine results. Successful BigCommerce SEO campaigns not only brings more in potential customers to your site, it also increases your site’s organic traffic and revenue. SEO for eCommerce is among the most crucial strategies for your online business and hiring a company that knows BigCommerce and knows SEO can tremendously benefit your business structure. Having high organic positions is how your online store can be distinguished in a competitive vertical market.

Why does your BigCommerce store need SEO?

eCommerce is a non stop growing market and by 2020 will grow over $525 billion. In order to stay competitive and on top of your eCommerce game, an online store requires SEO to build brand recognition. In this market in order to succeed store owners have to be on top of all the eCommerce trends and technologies.

Elements for Successful eCommerce SEO :
  • Technical Page Optimization
  • Targeted Keyword Research
  • Website Structure
  • Identifying Problems
  • Blog Content
  • Rich Snippets
  • Social Media Content
  • Social Media Linking
  • Link Building
  • Repeat Keyword Research
  • Internal Linking
  • Quality Content Creation

MakDigital BigCommerce SEO Marketing Process

We start by conducting a full Website Audit, where our experts inspect every aspect of your website. With all the collected information we create a custom strategy plan specificly fit for your business and brand. Some of the tasks we perform during our Audit:

Website Structure

We help you reach your audience and sell more on BigCommerce with our SEO services. Our BigCommerce experts make data-driven improvements to your ecommerce site in order to increase your organic rankings. These are not “SEO tricks” or Black hat SEO” – we implement proven strategies to get you to the top of Google.

Site Structure - correctly developed by a BigCommerce Developer makes it easier for the Search engines to index your content, and results in a higher position on the Search Results Pages. MakDigital creates a strong site architecture with a homepage that correctly identifies most important category pages and displays correctly structured link dependency. Correctly developed and designed Home Page will pass Page authority to all other pages. Our BigCommerce Developers will create navigation that not only allows search engines to recognize your sites internal structure, but also ensuring that your site is pleasant and easy to navigate for a everyday shopper. Our BigCommerce Designers will create a custom home page design that is beautiful and welcoming for your customers and easy to read for a search engine algorithms.

Keyword Optimization

First on page optomization for the most important page elements: title, desciption, h1-h5, metadata, copy, alt tags, and URLs. We make sure your pages are crawlable and consistent to both users and search engines. Our goal is to get you real and measurable organic traffic that converts into sales.

Responsive Design

Our BigCommerce Developers ensure that your bigcommerce site will fit on any screen and that images automatically scale to the size of the platform they’re on. Easy navigation and loading speed are the main key for conversion optimization on mobile devices.

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms allows you to build a thriving and active community with your customers. MakDigital will work closely with you to build a social media organic following. We focus on social profiles that carry more authority like FaceBook and Instagram, but we also watch and see where your audience is most engaged and what platforms work best specifically for your brand.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets is the term used to describe structured data markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. Our BigCommerce Developers integrate them in your site build, because they help search engines better understand and index your site. Rich Snippets can include product information, ratings, reviews, location information, and previews.

BigCommerce Developer

Our BigCommerce developers can do pretty much anything you can imagin. We can sync your data with a 3rd party system, create a custom app or a store specific functionality. There is really no limitations.

BigCommerce Development

We are a US-based team of expert, certified BigCommerce developers who have a special appreciation for the flexibility and security available with BigCommerce. With our knowladge we will catapult your brand to greater sales and growth.

BigCommerce DESIGN

Get a beautiful, custom BigCommerce website from the agency that knows the platform best. We’re certified Elite Bigcommerce partners who have worked on the platform since it launched.

BigCommerce Stencil

Faster page speed, cleaner code, better SEO: With Stencil, BigCommerce has carried over its best services while incorporating a whole host of new features to capitalize on advancements in search engine optimization, design, and technology.

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We design custom BigCommerce shopping cart solutions that are user friendly and intuitive. BigCommerce’s panel and snippet code system offers amazing flexibility – but only a Web development firm like MakDigital with significant BigCommerce design experience can deploy the full range of this platform to your benefit. BigCommerce website design is what we do all day, every day. We’ll take the time to learn about your company, your vision, and your goals before we start working on your BigCommerce website. Contact us to discuss the full spectrum of functionality available with a custom BigCommerce template.