BigCommerce Development

BigCommerce Development

Experienced website development agency specializing in developing powerful, custom-tailored BigCommerce stores that are both unique and beautiful.

Off the shelf BigCommerce templates are good enough for some people, but not you; you’re better than that and we know it. That’s why we’re going to work with you to find the absolute best way to translate your idea, business, products, and brand, into a lean, mean, selling machine.

Are you looking for BigCommerce E-commerce Solution Experts?

We develop a high performing, comprehensive BigCommerce solutions for Virtual eCommerce Stores which is compatible with mobile platforms. We defined an end to end strategy which includes catalog development, backend operations, ERP integration, integration with eBay and other Omnichannel platform for sellers and buyers.

Some of the features of BigCommerce’s eCommerce software includes:

  • SEO features
  • Built-in marketing tools
  • Product catalog
  • Shipping
  • Taxes
  • Payment gateway
  • Social media marketing
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Abandoned cart saver
  • Level 1 PCI compliance
  • Wish List
  • Social Media Integration

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BigCommerce Technology

BigCommerce is rated the #1 e-commerce platform according to Top 10Reviews, which is the Internet’s most popular software review site.

Why choose us as your BigCommerce store developer?

You probably already seen what you can get from a free BigCommerce template and you know it is not enough, and so you have spent sleepless nights trying to make the system work and achieve you dream of making decent revenue from your ecommerce sales. This can cause a lot of frustrations, the good news are your problems are about to end. If you are looking for a dependable BigCommerce design company then MAK Digital Design is the company to choose. Here we have highly professional and certified bigcommerce designers and developers who will handle every bit of your project with utmost levels of professionalism. We believe in teamwork and once we take your project, our development team will work with you every step of the way consulting with you and incorporating any inputs and additions you love to see in your ecommerce website.We create beautiful user experience that sells.

BigCommerce Developer

Our BigCommerce developers can do pretty much anything you can imagine. We can sync your data with a 3rd party system, create a custom application, custom features, implementing custom payment gateways, mobile apps, bigcommerce apps or a store specific functionality. There is really no limitations.

BigCommerce SEO

We help you reach your audience and sell more on BigCommerce with our SEO services. Our BigCommerce experts make data-driven improvements to your website in order to increase your organic rankings. These are not “SEO tricks” or Black hat SEO” – we implement proven strategies to get you to the top of Google.

BigCommerce API

Let us create a unique, custom BigCommerce features via BigCommerce API technology. As an Elite BigCommerce partner, we have an expert experience with BigCommerce development BigCommerce website from the agency that knows the platform best. We’re certified Elite Bigcommerce partners who have worked on the platform since it launched.

BigCommerce Stencil

Faster page speed, cleaner code, better SEO: With Stencil, BigCommerce has carried over its best services while incorporating a whole host of new features to capitalize on advancements in search engine optimization, design, and technology.

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BigCommerce provides powerful built-in tools that are easy to use. We have the professionalism and the expertise on perfecting the hosted BigCommerce platform. This means that you will get all the features prospective customers are looking for plus very friendly user-interface without the need of expensive IT experts or in-house servers.

BigCommerce Template Design
Avoid the frustration of trying to make free templates work for your business. Showcase your brand and products with our beautiful, custom branded responsive templates. Choose from high-converting online store themes designed especially for major ecommerce industries. With MAK, we learn how your business works, who your customer is, and how they shop; then we combine that with our extensive experience in the industry and make a site that is not only beautiful, but was custom-designed to work for YOUR business; not the other way around.
Increase sales across your channels
Simplify multi-channel selling so your shoppers can buy when and how they want. BigCommerce lets you sync your inventory with Facebook, Pinterest, eBay, Amazon and Square POS to process all your orders from a single location. Sell on social media, marketplaces, and everywhere else your shoppers already visit.
Streamline your operations
Increase efficiency and win back time with our scalable, extensible eCommerce platform.BigCommerce has some of the leading eCommerce tools on the market already built into our platform. Right from our control panel, you can use ShipperHQ and ShipStation for shipping, Avalara for tax automation, and more.